Warranty declaration

Thank you for your trust and purchasing our injection molding machine! For users’ safety,Reyid company make this statement publicly.
1. We totally believe that you have the acknowledge of starting your machines, but you should follow the instruction of our video and professional technicians.
2. Reyid company also have local after-sales service and our used machine must be passed intertek testing before shipment, then, 10years normally using is no problem, The above clause is ONLY effective under the machine is being properly used , any artificial misuse or destroy prepensely is not within the limit.
3. For your better using our machines, we also will sent some spare parts to you by free.
Thanks for choosing our product!

Quality Control

For machines, our engineer must go to the factory testing the quality first before collected machines, such as the machine conditions and outlooks .then, we sent the photo for our valued customers. Secondly, before shippment, we must arrange the testing company to test the machine operating is goods and give the report for that used machine have been at least 10 yearing using year. So, for our machine we have double steps to checking the quality .