Used Plastic Injection Molding Machine For Plastic Parts

SM90 used plastic injection molding machines

Quick Details

Type:Tube Head Injection
Injection Weight:100g
Opening Stroke:250mm

Product Description

Used Plastic Injection Molding Machine adopts proportional pressure and flow control, the pressure and the speed can be adjusted, stable movement curve and gentle shock, the computer is imported from Industry family.The LCD displaying screen with high clarity has Chinese and English language to use.Close-loop PID temperature control with the advantage of high precision.The operating table of the injection moulding machine have two safety, one is machine safety, another is electrical safety, that ensures the operators's safety.

Main Features

1) LCD computer control with big display screen
2) Hydraulic double proportional valve
3) Hard chrome plated high tensile strength steel tie bars
4) Generous space for fitting large moulds
5) Large opening stroke
6) Two position transducers to control Clamping and Injection
7) Four stages of injecting, independent velocity and pressure control
8) Hydraulic mould height adjustment device
9) Screw cold-start prevention device
10) Melt decompression control
11) Screw back pressure control
12) Multiple hydraulic ejection
13) Differential high speed clamping
14) Centralized lubrication system
15) Low pressure mould protection device
16) Mechanical safety interlock
17) Double electrical safety interlock
18) Oil return filter
19) Oil tank with inner stainless steel container


1. Designed by 3D software,structural strength are verified.

2. CNC machine tools for processing, products are of high precision.

3. T slot, threaded holes for mold installation.

4.Hydraulic system with a self sealing oil suction filter and adopted the bypass filter device.

5. Servo system adopted, energy-saving effect of up to 85%.

6.Servo system is made of high quality components. The system robustness is strong, running stability.

7. Timely and effective after-sales service.

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