REYID Servo Pet Preform Injection Molding Machine Price

pet injection molding machine

Quick Details

Type:Preform Injection
Plastic Type:Thermoplastic
Injection Weight:1500g
Injection Rate:80g/s
Clamping Force:260T
Opening Stroke:540mm
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Screw Diameter:80mm
Cavity(Max):32 Cavities
Cooling Robot:32 Cavities
Color:Yellow or Customized
Warranty:1 Year
Application:Plastic Bottle
Bottle Type:Plastic water bottle, beverage, juice, sodas
Machine weight:12.5 Ton

Main Features

Brand new servo hydraulic system design: 2 sets of the servo motors make the synchronization of melting and pressure holding possible.
Synchronized melting: All of the time except injection could be used for PET material melting to save time.
Synchronized pressure holding: After injection, the system start pressure holding and material melting at the same time to save energy.

Advantage of Servo Control

Low power consumption: When the machine is cooling or without any movement, the servo speed is less than 10 RPM which the energy consumption is almost 0. While normal electrical motor speed around 1500RPM. The output point of servo hydraulic oil directly connected with the directional valve who control the movement to save energy. While normal machine has to though flow control valve.
Precision: Pressure sensor make the accuracy of servo hydraulic system reach 0.1bar.
Fast react: It only takes 0.12s for the pressure and speed to reach maximum output.

Screw Diametermm70
Shot Weight(PET)g1500
Plasticizing Rate (PET)g/s80
CLAMPING UNITClamping ForceT260
Clamping Strokemm540
Max/Min Thickness of Mouldmm200~580
Space Between Tie Bars(WxH)mm570x570
Ejector  Strokemm180
Ejector  ForceT8
NO.of Ejector Pinspcs5
MOULDCavity (Max)pcs32
Type of MouldNeedle Valve Of Non-cutting PET Preform Mold
POWER UNITPump Motor Powerkw36
Robot Powerkw12
Heater Input Capacitykw30
Mould Heater Capacitykw30
Cooling Formcavitynone
OthersPower Supply (3-phrase AC)v/hz380/50

Chilling water

Cooling water<25
Compressed airMpa0.7-0.9
Machine sizecm840x160x250
Machine weightT12.5

Machine Detail

Control system
Siemens industrial control system.
By using data communication, the system with movement fast reaction and multi movement corporation capability.
With alarm system and fault recording function, the system running safe with fully protection.
With remote real-time monitoring and fault diagnosing function, the system could be controlled in your own office.
The mold temperature could be controlled in control panel with high accuracy.
Equipped with 12 inches control screen.

Plasticization & Injection
Barrier design screw improved the plasticization effect.
Screw with chrome and the L:D ratio reach 25:1.
The differential injection cylinder decrease the injection resistance and improve the injection accuracy.
Back pressure could adjust on the control panel.
With more ejecting pin make better ejection.
Bigger ejecting force than normal machine.
Ejecting stop work with the light sensor which protect the mold.

Clamping Unit
Special clamping parameter design for PET make the mold open & close stable and fast.
Strong mold plate make the mold get pressure balanced.
Also compatible with HUSKY mold.

Innovation on water and gas circuit
Centralized cooling water supply for mold, robot and auxiliary machine.
Stainless quick plug for cooling water.
Needle control in the mold use the MAC big volume valve which improve the speed and stability.